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Wings of Lore
Opens: March 3  /  Runs: March 3 – 31, 2017

Wings of lore is an exhibition that explores hummingbirds. Hummingbirds are small, colorful birds with iridescent feathers and wings that flap 80 times per second. In legends, Hummingbird are often portrayed as a healer or as a spirit being who helps people in need, and sometimes plays the important mythological role of fire-bringer. A Mojave legend tells of a primordial time when people lived in an underground world of darkness and how they would send hummingbirds up to look for light. Seeing a hummingbird is a sign of good luck in many Native American tribes, especially Northwest Coast tribes. In ancient Mexico, hummingbirds were considered sacred and associated with royalty and warriors and in some Mexican tribes today, hummingbirds are believed to be messengers from the afterworld or manifestations of a dead person’s spirit.

Astrologica – Solo
Opens: March 3  /  Runs: March 3 – 31, 2017
Opens: April 7  /  Runs: April 7 – 28, 2017

Deities is an exhibition that explores the superior entities that have populated our mythologies since the dawn of reason among homo sapiens. From the earliest veneration of our planet’s life-giving sun, through the varied polytheistic mythologies that subsequently developed over time, and to the monotheism of the world’s most cultivated religions of modern times, gods have been given authority over our lives as creators, providers and overseers, whether interceding in our lives or not. For thousands of years rich cultures of worship, ritual, and have developed with beautiful stories that give life meaning to many people. Deities will feature works of art by international, national, and local artists who are inspired by these stories presented in a variety of mediums.

Relm – Solo
Opens: April 7  /  Runs: April 7 – 28, 2017