Shawn Marie Hardy “You May Come And Go As You Please”


Mixed Media

  • I used Golden acrylic on wood and it measures just shy of 14″ tall and is about 9″ wide on its platform – the house itself is only about 5 or 6″ wide.
  • I made the one-eyed alien – the glass eye is real.
  • The antennae started with a light bulb filament and I added the bird and more wire–it glows!
  • The worm and the floating planet (Earth) were made from Golden gel medium and paint.
  • The little glitter mounds are made from styrofoam.
  • The light underneath is a submersible LED light that I painted with transparent paint to diffuse the light. I plan to have a few ready–they have long staying power but I want to add a blue and green one.
  • The ants and rocks under the rocket glow

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