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33: How Can Artists/Creatives Deal with the Intense Political Climate

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Social Media has become a platform for individuals to stand vehemently on their soapboxes and share their voices. I would like to share my thoughts – thank you in advance for reading. I don’t speak out much about social issues on this professional profile, however I feel I have some things I would like to share.

As a community sharing this ever-expanding platform of social media we have learned (like it or not) that people have varying opinions, views and understandings of the world around us. This has been illustrated with posts from our friends, family, colleagues, etc. Rather than living inside a constrained social idea of normal; surrounded by like-minded people that rarely challenged us to embrace the differences before the dawn of internet/social media, the Internet has challenged us by providing a greater view of this vast world without the ability to turn the other cheek.

Ignore what you will – the world is filled with various views and how people have experienced life. What a boring world if we all believed the same things and saw the world the exact same way. We have learned so much over these years and it’s still surprising how much hate is spewed at one another.

Furthermore, getting into an argument on another person’s Facebook/IG page is like going over to someone’s house, walking in and then telling them how to live their life, what to think and or how to believe. It’s FUTILE. If you don’t like something, put your passions to action in a positive, uplifting and supportive way.

Maybe more understanding of the people around us, opening up discussions between people and agreeing to disagree would help us come to a more loving place where there is less division and more embracing.


    • Our Enemies are our Greatest Teachers – Buddha


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