Gallery Director

Aunia Kahn is a curator, creative entrepreneur, and an internationally awarded/exhibited artist. Project driven with community interest prompted Aunia to pursue curating several exhibitions and book projects which later inspired the launch of Alexi Era Gallery in 2013, providing a creative space to showcase the artwork she feels most passionate about. She is also the founder of Eugene Open Studios and the owner of the Museum of Rescued (MORA) and the collector of pretty hand-made objects of desire.

Gallery Administrator

M. de Vena is an internationally exhibited and collected autodidactic illustrator and designer with a focus on traditional pen and ink illustration whose drawings are infused with mythology, divination, cultural anthropology, gender identity, and nature. M has a background in marketing, designing and business management and as the Alexi Era Gallery Administrator he aids in the focus and back-end production of exhibitions and project detailing.

Gallery Assistant

Deborah Jackson is an international collected an exhibited artist who creates quirky characters who, in these oft dark times, remind us of the magic, curiosity and beauty in our lives. With skills in illustration, editing and idea manifesting, she uses her skills in various aspects of the galleries day-today operations as the Gallery Assistant for Alexi Era Gallery,