September 15 and 16, 2018 (10-5PM)

Eugene Open Studios is an annual city-wide weekend event that partners with artists, galleries, alternative spaces, arts organizations, and universities in Eugene area to make their studios accessible to the public for one weekend. This event promotes a dialogue between artists and audiences within the artists’ working environment and provides a unique experience to meet various Eugene artists, see the spaces where they work, and learn about their creative process.

Studios and spaces are open Saturday and Sunday, September 15 and 16, 2018 (10-5PM)

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Eugene Open Studios Map
List of Participating Locations

Alexi Era Gallery
1712 Willamette St. Ste, 100
Eugene, OR 97404

Apocalypse Carousel
2555 Portland St apt 38
Eugene, Oregon 97405

Artistic Outlet Media
110 W Broadway St.
Eugene, OR 97401

Asante Riverwind Arts
1590 Washington St.
Eugene OR 97401

Daniels Family Pottery and Bnb
2740 Madison
Eugene, OR 97405

J Hayden Creative
4065 W 11th Avenue, #46
Eugene, OR 97402

K Jensen Studio
160 W 24th Pl
Eugene, OR 97405

Kaya Singer and Wayne Singer Studios
2080 Jackson Street
Eugene, OR 97405

‘Keven Craft Rituals
268 W 7th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

271 W 8th Ave
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Mill Creek Wood Works
3925 A Cross St.
Eugene 97404

Mona Beads & Creations
1712 Willamette St.
Eugene, OR 97404

Moss Hollow Gallery &
John Holdway Studio
820 E 39th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97405

Nikolaj Byrdman Design
1060 Washington St
Eugene, OR 997401

Over the Hill Pottery and Painting
165 Lindner Lane
Eugene, OR 97404

Passionflower Design
128 E Broadway
Eugene, OR 97401

Pendlebury Gallery
385 W 2nd Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

Robert Canaga Studio
787 Audel Ave
Eugene, OR 97404

Shelton McMurphey Johnson House
303 Willamette Street
Eugene, OR 97401

Susan Detroy Art Studio
1149 West 5th
Eugene, OR 97402

The Oblivion Factory (Jud Turner)
3923 Cross St
Eugene, OR 97402

Thimbleberry Felt Designs
2630 Agate Street
Eugene, OR 97403

Whiteaker Community market
Whiteaker Neighborhood

Whiteaker Printmakers
1328 W 2nd Ave
Eugene, OR 97402

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