(A Literary Focused Exhibition)

An exhibition focusing on unique ways that artists merge literary works into their respective mediums. Art has continuously been linked with books, as books have continually been a magnificent contribution to the arts. Infusing both of these elements, encapsulating the importance of the two ways of expression into an exhibition where each artist uses a physical book (in part or fully) and incorporates that into their final piece.
– Open to all Arts USA & International
– Artist Name/Location (18 Years+)
– Submit Artwork .jpg to
– No Larger Than 11” x 14”
– 2D/3D, All Media Accepted
– Artwork Must Be Newly Created for this Exhibit
– All artwork MUST use a physical book (in part or fully)
– Submission Deadline (Out of State/Country):
October 19th, 2018
– Submission Deadline (Locals):
October 25th, 2018
– Artists (Out of State/Country) Accepted will be Notified By:
October 19th, 2018
– Artists (Locals) Accepted will be Notified By:
October 25th, 2018
– Artwork Drop Off of Shipped to Gallery by: October 26th, 1018
Opening Reception: Nov 2, 2018 5:30-8PM
Show Runs: Nov 2-30, 2018