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Alexi Era Gallery exhibits spirited international, national and local artists focusing on pop surrealism, new contemporary, and illustrative style art in every medium. Our mission is to showcase some best talent from around the world,  create unique, thought-provoking projects and empower the community, locally and globally.

Alexi Era Publishing specializes in distinctive collections from all manner of artists. Book collections range from traditional, new and cutting edge mediums to select high-end limited editions. We believe in only the greatest artistic representation of an artists’ work, as there is no greater honor than presenting to the world an encompassing project showcasing every possible detail as it was originally created to do. Specialty and exclusive items unique only to Alexi Era Publishing are periodically updated as limited numbers are secured and become available, however, as they do sell out quickly, in most cases once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Create and Inspire is a podcast/blog hosted by Aunia Kahn in part with Alexi Era Gallery, that shares tips, tricks and advice on how to keep moving on there path of creativity to the success that most suits you. The program also interviews successful artists from around the globe along with art focused business (art galleries, publications, marketing experts, etc) where they share stories touching on success, struggles, passion and fun. 

Philanthropic Efforts:
Alexi Era Gallery in honored to host an annual 100 Postcard fundraising event supporting various organizations around the world. Thus far we have helped raise money and awareness for Honey LoveHRC and Bat World Sanctuary.

Director // Aunia Kahn
Administrator // M de Vena
Assistant // Deborah Jackson